Support through Membership

Dear Friend of TVSU,

Just after the 2016 election, nearly 400 people in our community came together to show support after a sign expressing love for the marginalized was vandalized. Out of this action, The Valley Stands Up was formed. In the last two years, our non-partisan group has continued to stand for the dignity of all the members of our community. From national outrages like the Muslim ban and the separation of children from asylum seekers to local attacks on the first amendment, the members of TVSU have shown our community our presence and persistence.

Our small and committed group has accomplished a great deal. We have developed relationships with other national and grassroots groups, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning publication, ProPublica. We have hosted inspiring speakers from IRIS, CT Against Gun Violence, Planned Parenthood, the Citizens Climate Lobby, and even a state Supreme Court judge.  One of our speakers (and also a member!) now represents us at the state capitol. And their inspiration has lead to action. We are challenging each other to live sustainably, and our state government to fight for our climate and for all the members of our community. Currently, we are examining the possibility of co-sponsoring a refugee family in our area.

To assure that we are an inclusive organization, we decided not to require dues from our members. Anyone can be a member, and everyone has a voice. We have managed to stretch our seed-funding for over two years. However, to continue our work we need your support. Help us to continue to proclaim to the beloved members of our communities that we are here and that we will continue to be here—despite all the darkness—for our world, for the marginalized, for the rights and dignity of our neighbors, for each other, and for our values.

If you believe in our mission—to unite our diverse communities in the Lower Connecticut River Valley area to support the dignity and human rights of all—please donate what you can.

Support The Valley Stands Up

In solidarity and love,
The TVSU Steering Committee
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